In the Name of Individuality – Which collar is your dog’s best fit?

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We like to do things a little differently here at One Green Spot so for our first blog post of the year Emma, aged 7 (the youngest of the One Green Spot pet’s staff) offers her unique insight into how to ‘Dress to Impress’ whilst expressing your dog’s…erm…unique quirks!       

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The One Green Spot family dog’s names came from a children’s book by Tony Ross called Towser and Sadie’s Birthday (Sadie was actually a cat in the book though!).

In the book Towser and Sadie were the best of friends and our dogs certainly live the up to that. Just like Towser in the book, our Dalmatian Towser does some pretty silly things to try and get Sadie’s attention (and ours).  Sadie is more sensible and chilled out, but always tolerates Towser’s almost 10 year old puppyhood!

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Just like us, all dogs have their own little quirks and at One Green Spot, we think that should be encouraged and celebrated!


Which of our Moolu Inspired collars reflects your dog’s personality?

 Loves jumping in and out of waves? - The Metallic Peacock

Always joyful and exited? - The Mustard Bumblebee

Loves to paddle and sleep? - The Blue Bumblebee

Girly? – The Pink Bumblebee

Loves to sniff flowers and chase off lead in fields? – The Flower Field

Fast and energetic? - The Leopard  

Loves People? – The Galaxy

Loves to roll on the grass in the sun? - The Yellow Floral

Loves to be peaceful and with you? - The Blue Bird

Loves to explore in trees and bushes? – The Tropics





 We think we’ve got a Blue Bird and a Yellow Floral – very summery pups!  Check out the full range here and let Emma know in the comments which you’ve got!


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  • paula on

    Hi Emma, I have a mixture of your two, Teddy loves to roll on the grass in the summer but is also very lazy and just wants to sleep and be around us :) . I think I should buy him the Yellow Floral for summer, what do you think ? he loves his bumble bee light blue collar and lead. :)

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