Dog & Coast Grey bamboo drying gloves, mitts.
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Bamboo Drying Gloves (Grey)

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Dog & Coast

Super soft!  Bamboo drying gloves are quick and easy to use.  They are great for wiping paws after wet muddy dog walks, or simply use after a bath to dry your dogs paws.  

Made of absorbing bamboo towelling, they absorb wet quickly and wipe away mud easily, ensuring your dog’s paws are clean - no more mucky paw prints on floors and furniture! These luxurious and soft bamboo gloves feel lovely to use, having a similar texture to cashmere and will feel extremely comfortable against your dog's skin. 

Bamboo has an excellent wicking ability that pulls moisture away from your dog's skin so that it can evaporate.  

Bamboo is also known to have natural antibacterial properties, which will help eliminate the unpleasant 'wet doggy smell' too!

• Soft on your dog's paws and body
• highly absorbent
• temperature control fabric
• One size
• Naturally Antibacterial 
• Totally Biodegradable 

Made With, 100% bamboo loop material.  Bamboo towelling is highly biodegradable and sustainable making it Eco friendly.