Moolu - Mustard Bumblebee Collar (Medium and Large)
Moolu - Mustard Bumblebee Collar (Medium and Large)
Moolu - Mustard Bumblebee Collar (Medium and Large)

Moolu - Mustard Bumblebee Collar (Medium and Large)

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The Mustard Bumble Bee Collar

Matching leads, bandanas & bow ties available

Luxury collars, leads and accessories handmade in England.

Medium - 13"-16"
Large - 16"-22"

Care Instructions
When you receive your order it will be ready to be worn by your dog straight away. In order to maintain the look of your collar there are some basic care instructions that you can follow.

Washing Instructions:

Cotton Dog Collars / Leads
Hand Wash Only. Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to dry.
Metal hardware should be rinsed with clean water including after contact with salt water.

Before & after each walk
Before each walk, ensure that the collar & lead is working properly and is correctly fitted to your dog's neck. Please check buckles & trigger clips regularly. After each walk the collar should be inspected for any damage, if the collar has become wet or dirty it should be immediately rinsed (particularly if the collar has been in salt water).

Dog collars are commonly used to hold identification and registration tags. If your dog pulls on the lead whilst walking, the pressure on the neck and throat can cause discomfort and possibly injury. We therefore ALWAYS recommend that dogs are walked with a harness to prevent discomfort and injury.

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